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This small country is one of the oldest European countries, situated in the middle of the continent in Central Europe.
Hungarians speak a language and form a culture unlike any other in the region: this distinctiveness has been both a source of pride and an obstacle for more than 1100 years.
This is the country
- which boasts one of the world's most beautiful cities: Budapest, the "Pearl of the Danube"
- where 2000 year old Roman ruins and 400 year old Turkish monuments can be found side by side
- where Central Europe's largest fresh water lake - Balaton - is located, providing natural paradise for its visitors
- where hundreds of therapeutic mineral springs gush up from the depths
And there is something else that keeps bringing visitors back to us - the legendary Hungarian hospitality.

The population of Hungary is 10.3 million on a territory of 93.030 km2. The Hungarian climate is very friendly with 2000 hours of sunshine per year. The temperature often reaches 30 oC during the summer months.

The cultural wealth of the country is famous around the world: not only our capital, Budapest, but also the picturesque cities, just as Sopron, on the Austrian border and Esztergom. They are most definitely worth a visit. The numerous spas, officially 35, are also very well known throughout the world.  The most popular ones are in Hévíz, Zalakaros and Budapest.

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