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Porcelain Veneer

The porcelain veneer is the most elegant achievement of aesthetic dentistry. It requires punctual and precise work from both the dentist and the dental tecnichian which leads to natural looking, bright teeth.

Porcelain veneers are uniquely made thin layers which are sticked onto the teeth by the dentist and then polished to achieve the desired aesthetic affect. They are recommended when tooth whitening is not efficient or teeth are differently shaped. It's not possible to reach such beautiful and white denture with the classical technics (such as classical crowns) or with tooth whitening. That is the reason why also celebrities choose this solution.

The material of the veneer is porcelain, which is very similar to glass and to dental glaze. The strength and aesthetics of veneers can compete those of our teeth. But they are very fine, so we have to treat them with care. That's why in some cases we recommend a tooth-protecting brace for the night, mainly for the ones suffering from bruxism.

In which cases we suggest porcelain veneer?

Porcelain veneers are recommended mainly in case of aesthetic dental defects: irregularly standing or discoloured frontal teeth, glaze defects, broken or injured teeth or to fill the gaps between teeth or leveling them.

Steps of the application of porcelain veneers

With the help of digital photos we project together with the patients the colour and shape of their future teeth.
The application of the porcelain veneer needs two appointments. The 1st is for the preparation when the external part of the dental glaze is removed to make space for the veneer. After we take the imprint, from which the dental technician prepares the veneer. We prepare a temporary veneer to protect teeth until porcelain veneers are ready.

The definitive venneers are ready in about 4 days. They are sticked onto teeth with a special glue during the 2nd appointment. After sticking, edges of the veneers are polished until smooth and the level of teeth (perfect contact between upper and lower teeth – the occlusion) is fixed.
The patient needs only a couple of days to get used to it and be able to eat with security.

The newest type of Veneers is Lumineers. It is made with a new computer technology. Lumineers are just as thin as contact lenses.

Characteristics of Lumineers:

1. generally there is no need of polishing
2. in most cases there is no need of anaesthesia
3. shapes and colours can be freely chosen – the „perfect smile” can be achieved!
4. particularly big precision, punctuality thanks to computer technology 5. small dental gaps can be corrected
6. they are made of patented ceramic material in the United States and according to clinical prooves, last at least 20 years
7. time of preparation of veneers is 4 weeks, being made in the USA
8. with the removal of a minimal quantity of dental texture, a whole procelain crown can be made of it

In which cases we recommend the LUMINEERS®?

  •  uneven dental surface
  •  spaces between the teeth
  •  permanent discolourations
  •  fractured edges
  •  too short teeth
  •  irregularly standing teeth

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