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Crown work

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are artificial restorations that are to replace teeth having broken off, damaged or weakened. They are sometimes called as a cap.
Dental crowns can be used when the roots and a smaller part of the original tooth are still intact and solidly fixed in the gum tissue. This replacement part is made in the dental laboratory and is to be attached to the remaining part of the original tooth. They can be made of metal free high-tech ceramics, porcelain and gold alloy.
With proper care they last for several years. Dental crowns are custom made in the dental laboratory so that its color should look natural and match the surrounding teeth.

What are the benefits of dental crowns and their procedure?

The achieved results of them are visually excellent and it is absolutely impossible to tell these life like dental crowns from real teeth.
As for the procedure patients must stay in Budapest for 5-7 days. To shorten the length of your visit you may choose to come back a few days later.
During the first visit the dentist prepares the tooth to the ideal shape for the crown, which involves removing of its outer surface, and leaving a strong inner core. Afterwards, the dentist will take an impression of the prepared tooth and of the tooth in the opposite jaw and sometimes another to mark the way you bite together. Then it is sent to the dental technician to create a custom made crown. A temporary crown is to be placed on the prepared tooth until the second visit.
During the second visit the dentist will fix the crown in its place with special dental cement or adhesive if she is pleased with the fit and appearance of it. This phase takes a bit longer than the first one. If the crown requires an adjustment, it will be also made during this second visit.
As for the warranty we can give you a 5-year guarantee for dental crown treatments.

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