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Bridge work

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are to replace the missing tooth by being fixed to two neighboring teeth. If the number of fixing points are not enough or the proper stability cannot be guaranteed by them, it is common to create additional fixing points with a new dental implant posts. This is all made in the dental laboratory and then the pieces are cemented into place by special adhesives, which means it can not be removed.

Dental bridges are either made of a precious metal with an exterior porcelain mantle or metal free of high-tech ceramics. As for the cleaning you need to clean your bridge every day and also under the false tooth to prevent problems. With proper care they last for several years.

What are the benefits of dental bridges and their procedure?

Dental bridges can be used if you have enough strong teeth with good bone support to connect to the missing tooth. If dental implants are necessary to create anchor points, the treatment needs a longer time to be completed.

It is a very good aesthetic and functional solution and its result looks like real teeth. Another advantage of it is that the smile and the proportions of the face and mouth are restored as well as the chewing and speaking abilities.
As for the procedure 5-8 days are required for normal dental bridge treatment. To shorten the time of your visit in Budapest you can choose if you wish to stay for the whole duration or come back a few days later.

During the first visit the dentist is concerned with the preparation work. The outer surface is to be removed, and then prepares the fixing points by filling the neighboring teeth. The proper color and shade of is selected for the bridge depending on the color of the existing teeth. Impressions are made of the location of the bridge and of the teeth in the opposite jaw. Afterwards, all this information is to be given to the dental technician to create a custom made dental bridge. A temporary crown can be placed on the prepared teeth until the second visit.

During the second visit after removing the temporary bridge and makes sure that the final bridge piece fits perfectly with the neighboring and the opposite teeth. Then, it is fastened permanently to the prepared tooth.
With regard to the warranty we can give you a 5-year guarantee for dental bridges.

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